Why Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Ever wonder why we infuse nitrogen in our cold brew coffee products?  Besides the word "Nitro" sounding pretty cool, there are three key reasons why adding nitrogen to coffee makes a superior product.  Cold brew coffee also has a lower acid content than its warmer counterpart but this doesn't have much to do with the nitro but rather to do with fewer acids being released at lower brewing temperatures.  So, what are the three key improvements nitrogen brings?  

Sweeter Taste
Adding nitrogen gives cold brew coffee a slightly sweeter taste.  The benefit of this means less or no sugar needs to be added to give it that beautiful rounded, sweeter flavor.  If you usually add sugar to your coffee, nitro cold brew is a great alternative to help reduce your sugar intake.  

Thicker, Better Texture
Nitro coffee is infused with tiny gas bubbles that alter the mouthfeel giving it a thicker and creamier texture.  Just like with sugar, ingredients added to enhance the texture of hot coffee like milk or cream are no longer necessary when nitrogen is added.  

Higher Caffeine Content
Our nitro cold brew is made using a higher ratio of coffee grounds to water and brewed for more than a week which kicks up it's caffeine content.  By infusing with nitro, that brings in that great smooth taste, we are able to brew our cold brew stronger. We see our caffeine content boosted by about 30% in our nitro products.

In summary, if you are looking for a great tasting, healthy energy shot, look no further than our nitrogen infused cold brew coffee!  It doesn't get any better! Try a six pack and we know you'll be back to subscribe for a weekly or monthly delivery.

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