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Our nitro infused Costa Rican cold-brew coffee is better than any other cold-brew coffee product on the planet!  "What?" you may say, that's a pretty bold statement...... Yes, it is a very bold statement and in this week's blog post I will make a case to support this bold claim.

Premium Costa Rican Coffee
You can't hope to end with a world class product if your ingredients aren't the very best.  Our beans come from the Tarrazu district high in the mountains in the south-central part of Costa Rica. This coffee is harvested in the beginning of the year and then the green coffee beans reposado (rest), for two to three months using the honey process. No actual honey is used, rather more mucilage, found just under the skin of the bean is left on the bean making the bean sticky like honey when dried. This process needs time and experience but is well worth it when you enjoy the additional depth and flavor profiles.  
Length of the Brew
Typical cold brew spends less than 12 hours steeping, a few companies will steep for 48 hrs.  I am not aware of any other company that takes 7 to 10 days to brew.  We stumbled on this secret accidentally.  Years ago due to circumstances beyond our control, a batch of cold brew was left steeping for 7 days.  Thankfully, we tasted it and were astonished at the new crisper, cleaner flavor profiles.  Now, depending on the ambient temperature and weather, we take the extra time to make it right!  A tightly held secret we don't share, are the steps taken to keep this extended brewing process fresh!
Circular Community
This is the most important differentiator that puts our Cold Brew at the top.  The traditional product cycle of Take-Make-Waste, we do everything possible to break.  Our coffee beans are sourced from a single estate farm that practices Biodiverse farming.  Once our beans have been brewed, instead of throwing them away, we use them in our Mud and Scrub product.  The glass bottles that our cold- brew comes in are up-cycled into candles!
I have never tasted a better cold brew coffee product and I don't know of another cold brew product that is more environmentally conscious!

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