Biodynamic or Organic Cold Brew Coffee?

Circular Community Costa Rican Coffee Beans

Biodynamic vs. Organic, is one better than the other?  Both of these farming methods strive to produce healthier food and are very similar in the sense that neither one uses chemicals or GMOs. 

Our cold brew coffee is derived from roasted coffee beans that we get directly from a single farm in the Tarrazu district of Costa Rica.  One of last year's highlights for me was traveling through the Costa Rican jungle (think Romancing the Stone) and getting to spend time on the farm, meeting the family who hand pick and roast our beans.  While the farm isn't certified organic (less than 1% of CR coffee farms are) they certainly could be, as absolutely no foreign substances, let alone chemicals are used on the farm.

As we walked around the beautiful farm, the terms bio-dynamic or bio-diverse never came up in our conversation due to our language barrier.  It was however wonderful to see these principles being practiced all over the farm.  Beans that had imperfections and plant trimmings were ground and fermented to be returned to the soil as compost.  Free range chickens of all shapes and colors roamed between the rows of trees processing bugs into natural fertilizer too.  

The part of the biodynamic process that I most enjoyed discovering was the symbiotic relationship that the coffee plantation had with the banana and avo trees planted throughout.  These larger trees provide much needed shade, they prevent erosion on the steep hillsides and return needed nutrients back into the soil .  Lastly, and most interestingly by providing a new source of flowers, banana and avo trees attract bee colonies who in turn pollinate more coffee flowers and in so doing dramatically increase the yield of coffee the farm produces! 

I do appreciate and respect the need for organic farming.  I propose that organic farming is a good first step.  Like a Circular Community using plants, animals and the elements in a closed self-sustaining system, a biodynamic farm is able to grow more, healthier food with a positive net affect on the environment.  

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