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We are excited to announce a new product in our lineup!

An important part of this project was the necessity to sell a coffee that tastes delicious.  The idea of outsourcing the production, did not appeal to us.  The idea of coffee being ground, packaged and sitting on a shelf, is not who we are.  So Tony found the equipment we need to make our K-Kups in house.  It's Julie's new favorite toy because in addition to providing our customers with a much requested product, it also allows us to test coffee in smaller quantities, which means less waste and less cost.

As a part of the Circular Community we do everything we can to produce not only great tasting products that are convenient, but also products that have the lowest possible impact on our environment. 

With this we are proud to offer you our new compostable K-Kups.  Ground to order, they arrive fresh and flavorful, retaining all their nutrient benefits.  We also don't print on the K-Kups so that no harmful dyes are absorbed into the earth.

Placing hemp extract in ground coffee is nothing new.  We are not the first to do it.  Many companies soak their beans in hemp oil, then re-dry their beans.  This compromises the flavor and quality of the coffee, while often leaving almost no bio-available cannabinoids.  Other companies use CBD isolate because it is readily available in crystalline form.  However, we found that it was not heat resistant and left very little bio-availability by the time it was brewed.  

Through time, science and connections, we are thrilled to report that we have found a full spectrum hemp crystalline that retains its quality even after the brew process.  It is natural to lose some of the potency during the heating process, so we over compensate for that.  The dosage that reaches your cup, is the dosage that's on the label.  5 or 10 mg may not seem very potent, but remember that water soluble hemp created with nano technology is highly bio-available.  These dosages are consistent with what studies show are helpful for calming anxiety, reducing stress and relieving pain.  

Our K-Kups are available with both Costa Rican and Nicaraguan coffee and can be ordered with or without hemp extract.   



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