Meet the Bakt Koffee Team - Our Coffee Ritual

Tony Cox - Founder

Tony has traveled all over the world in his quest to find ways to bring quality and affordable products that both invigorate and heal.  His love for coffee and cannabis is the genesis of everything Bakt Koffee is today!  Thanks Tony for sharing your daily coffee ritual with us!

My morning coffee ritual begins with an immediate stumble out of bed and head towards my electric kettle which I fill with about 16 ounces of filtered water.  After that I take some fresh whole bean, Nicaraguan Medium or Dark Roast are my usual go-to's.  Once the beans are given a fresh grind and placed into my French press, boiled water is poured over them.  I let it steep for about 5 minutes and then pour into my coffee mug. Before I enjoy my first sip, I always smell the aroma and make sure I add my daily dose of CBD to it.   

After swim practice I’ll normally take a nap and then enjoy either our Costa Rican Cold Brew Coffee or throw in a K-cup as I tackle the rest of the day!


Julie Jacobs - President

Julie is the president of Bakt Koffee.  She leads and guides our product growth, manufacturing, sales, operations and so much more. Her love for our business and for coffee inspires those around her.  Thanks Julie for sharing your daily coffee ritual with us .............

My favorite hot coffee is our Nica dark.  I like the deep chocolate and nutty notes with just a hint of creamy marshmallow.  My favorite way to brew it is in a French Press.  I cheat bc I have an electric kettle with a French press setting.  I pour 20 oz of water over 12 T of coffee. I practice good blooming technique that would make our coffee farmer proud. Then I pour again and let it sit at least 4 minutes.   I use a milk frother on mornings I want to spoil myself.  I add a bit of warm foamy milk to the bottom of my huge Bākt Koffee mug.  I then push the plunger down on the French press about half way and fill my cup.  Finally, I add 10 mg of Bākt Kare.

I come back for my second cup in about an hour.  My french press is insulated so when I push the plunger down the remaining way, the coffee is still steaming hot.   At this point it's pure potent fuel.  Some mornings I drink it all, other days I don't.  If I don't, I pour it in my plants.  They love it. The grounds always go into my garden. 


Sebastian Mayer - Photographer and Creative Genius

From website designer to social media graphics and art, Bash is extremely talented in capturing our products in a most pleasing and engaging way.  Bash has really brought our online presence to the next level!  Thanks Bash for sharing your daily coffee ritual with us .............

I shoot and create content for the Bakt, so I'm usually surrounded by coffee beans, which honestly is actually nice.  I love the smell of coffee beans around my work place, it ads that little bit extra to my work mood!

My morning is not a morning without coffee. I'm a very specific person when it comes to my morning ritual.  Before going to sleep each night, I have to set up my coffee maker to brew at 6 am. For me, there’s nothing better than waking up to the smell of fresh Bakt Koffee, ready to help me get through the day. 

Hot coffee? Not always my style.  I also enjoy Cold-Brew coffee.   I take my time in front of my computer while having my coffee, so usually one coffee becomes two... or three.


Chris Balay - Manager, Coffee Operations

Chris is renowned for his meticulous attention to the small unique details that make his coffee roasting talent second to none.  He started roasting coffee with his father and is now invited to teach roasting to various operations throughout the area.

I treat coffee like my mood, depending on how I’m feeling or what’s going on in my life I will enjoy my coffee different ways. In the morning when I’m up with the sun, my favorite way to have my coffee is from whole beans that I freshly grind to coarse and use my Aeropress filter to brew for 3 minutes.

The Aeropress is an amazing way to brew and filter hot coffee. the manual  vacuum pressure and fine paper filter grabs every last bit of moisture and flavor from the grounds to make one of the smoothest and most enjoyable cups of hot coffee I’ve ever had.

When I’m on the go and need a pick me up, or just want to enjoy a very smooth high quality coffee, I will pour myself a glass of cold brew fresh from my nitro tap!  I’m not always wanting a hot beverage and sometimes do not have the time to brew coffee, so I prefer to always have cold brew available to me.  Cold brew has very low acidity and is a smooth way to enjoy coffee.  Many people use ice or put cream or sweetener in their cold brew, but I prefer mine, clean, smooth and pure.


Alejandro Guzman - Graphic Design and Social Media

As the newest member of the Bakt team, Alejandro presents us to the social world.  He works closely with Julie on our marketing initiatives and anywhere else his help is needed.  

I start my mornings either with some instant coffee if I’m lazy, or our Ground Nicaraguan coffee.  It's great to work for a coffee company that has compostale K-cups that I set in a Keurig while I get ready for the day.  Once it’s ready, I add a little bit of milk and it’s all set. The coffee definitely helps add a little pep to my mornings!

I’m a slow coffee drinker so once it gets cold, I put it in the fridge to cool it down so I can enjoy some iced coffee for the afternoon. 

I'm excited to hear we are in the process of developing an instant coffee line for those lazy mornings! 

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    Thank you for sharing. Love the coffee

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