Coffee - Costa Rica - Roasted
Coffee - Costa Rica - Roasted
Coffee - Costa Rica - Roasted
Bakt Koffee

Coffee - Costa Rica - Roasted

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Bakt Koffee is grown organically in nutrient dense soil, where the beans are hand harvested and roasted on a single farm by a single family. This low-acid arabica coffee  is grown organically in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Like all of our coffees, this coffee was sourced as a result of developing a personal relationship with the family who grow these beans.

Roast: Medium

Flavor Profile: notes of blueberry, honey and floral aroma.

Hemp Dosage:  Un-Bakt (Hemp Free)

Coffee Benefits:  Known as a super-food, coffee is very high in antioxidants, which help support your immune system, improve circulation, protect you from cancer & heart disease and reduce systemic inflammation.  In addition to the obvious boost of energy from caffeine, coffee is believed to:  boost your metabolism, lower risk of depression, offer protection from Type 2 Diabetes, lessen risk of liver damage & lower risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. 

Sustainability: Please re-purpose, recycle or compost your coffee bag.  Show us how you re-purpose by tagging us in your Instagram/Facebook stories.

The Process: Coffee blossoms in the spring and is ready to harvest in the fall. Harvest time depends upon temperature, elevation and rainfall.  Picking coffee is a laborious process and must be done by hand to ensure that every cherry is ready to be harvested.  Once picked the beans are processed using the “Honey” method.  The skin and pulp of the cherry are removed from the bean through a washing and fermentation process.  Part of the mucilage from the cherry remains on the bean as it dries in the sun which lends sweet notes to the beans.  Once dry, the beans are referred to as green beans.  The beans are then roasted on the farm in Costa Rica.  Making repeated trips to bring freshly roasted beans back from Costa Rica is a hardship (as if!) but we are happy to do it for our customers.

The Bakt Koffee Way: You have not truly sourced a coffee until you knock on a farmer’s door and ask how you can help and then share a cup of coffee in his family's home.   Like all of our coffees, this coffee was sourced as a result of developing a personal relationship with the family who grow these beans. Bakt Koffee’s goal in sourcing directly from the farm is to provide resources and growth to the family so they, in turn, can invest in their surrounding community.

Most coffee you find is a blend of many coffees from many farms with many middle-men.  This not only compromises the flavor of the coffee, but the farmers receive very little for the work that they do.  By bringing the coffee direct to our consumers, we hope to see growth and prosperity in areas of the world who need and deserve it the most.  The types of places where human connection is still the most valuable commodity.  Where they understand the value of a Circular Community.

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