Our Cold Brew is the Best on Earth!

If you haven't yet tasted our cold brew, here are some reasons why it's better than any other brew on earth! 

  • Single estate organic coffee beans grown on family farms.  We get our beans directly from these farms, no middleman or broker mixing in poor quality beans.
  • Roasted for consistency, our coffee beans have a unique and secret roast profile that unlocks their unique and authentic natural flavors and smell.  
  • Our  proprietary cold brew process of more than a week brings out all the beautiful flavors of the beans. 
  • Our cold brew is brewed with Alkaline Water to create a hydrating beverage.
  • Additionally our beans are naturally low in acid, which also contributes to a more pleasant drinking experience.
  • Cold brew is typically higher in caffeine than hot coffee.  Our 4 oz serving contains 101 mg caffeine. A typical cup of coffee is 97 mg.
  • Bākt Koffee Cold BreweD is infused with nitrogen which creates a smooth creamy texture.
  • Filtered repeatedly for a residue free beverage

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