The story behind the beans

Founder Tony Cox traveled to over 35 countries in the pursuit of a successful swimming career and discovered something much more meaningful along the way – the amazing tastes from different beans, roasts and brews. Tony dedicated himself to studying roast and brew with various techniques. He then decided to marry his love of coffee with cannabis. His goal is to provide consumers with the healing qualities of cannabinoids in a daily ritual. Something you’ll never forget to do. He leads Bakt Koffee with a desire to bring premium quality products to market at affordable prices. Good health should never be unaffordable. 

Our mission

We are a unique pairing of herbal love, beans and buds. We strive to help heal through continual innovation and education.

Innovate: Working with cutting edge technology, we work to provide the best, most bio-available ingredients. It is important to us that we not compromise the integrity of mother nature.

Educate: Knowledge is power and in this rapidly growing market we are continually educating ourselves and sharing that knowledge with our consumers in the most transparent way possible. They can come to us; we can help.

Heal: Good health is at the forefront of our purpose. Not just human health, but our community and planet as well. It is our responsibility to use knowledge, connections and resources to heal this world.

Our Product Philosophy: Using a holistic foundation we work with powerful superfoods. Our foundation is Coffee and our salve is Cannabinoids Extracted from Hemp. We focus on putting the least number of ingredients possible in every product.

Our Coffee comes from Single Estate, organically grown coffee beans sourced from Costa Rica & Nicaragua.

Our hemp extract is sourced from Oregon and Colorado. Our current water soluble extract is created using Nano Technology to ensure high bio availability. We believe all cannabinoids work together for the best experience, so we use the full spectrum. As a result you receive a tasteless and highly effective extract. We strive to provide a transparent educational experience in this field. If you have questions about our hemp extract, please ask us!

A portion of proceeds from Bākt Koffee products is given to our non-profit Bākt Kause. We created this foundation to educate consumers and resolve issues associated with narcotic incarceration, homelessness and transportation.

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